Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Generator - Puriter

This device is designated for the sterilization of inside surfaces by means of liquid hydrogen peroxide. The whole process is performed by means of a patented technology.

Description of the device

  • Device can decontaminate and strilize
  • Hydrogen peroxide 30% is used
  • Structural material: AISI 304 stainless steel, FIN8 grinded surface
  • Total power consumption of 2.5 kW
  • Operation via a touch screen with program selection
  • Control system: A SIEMENS touch panel, TP700 Comfort


  • The process runs under normal temperatures (around 25 to 30 °C) and normal pressure.
  • It does not leave any toxic residues as hydrogen peroxide decomposes to oxygen and water after the decontamination.
  • The device is mobile = surfaces in various places may be decontaminated.
  • It can be connected to more devices by means of a DN50 triclamp.
  • Possibility to integrate the device into an isolator or pass-through cabin.
  • The device is provided with a touch display with intuitive control.