Dust Monitor:

It is the most cost-effective dust monitor model, equipped with a semiconductor laser. It is excellent for measuring at the medium to long distances ( 3 - 10 m) and medium high concetrations. ( > 25 mg/m3).

Main Features:

  • Direct continous measurement of opacity or optical density
  • Small, lightweight and easy installation
  • No moving parts and simple optics for long life operation
  • Light source is a semiconductor laser
  • Adjustable alarm values and alarm relay
  • Linear voltage output 0...1V and current output 4 ... 20mA
  • Digital LCD-display and analogue display for D-value
  • 4 operation ranges (...0...0,03 D, 0...0,1 D, 0...0,3 D, 0...1,0 D)
  • Low maintenace requirements and small physical size due to simple optics

Advanced Laser Dust & Opacity Monitor:

It offers the new performance standard in opacity/dust monitoring which is based on the model designed for USA-market and approved by US EPA. LM 3086 SE has TÜV approval for German 13th BlmSchV and TA Luft