Sound Level Meter:

Sound level Meter with data logging:

It includes Advanced Hand Held Sound Level Meters and Real-Time Frequency Analysers. When used with QuestSuite Professional II applications software, you can simply and reliably perform your advanced noise analysis.

All meters include two virtual sound level meters to simultaneously measure multiple regulatory requirements. Meters equipped with 1/1 and/or 1/3 octave real-time frequency analysis allow you to choose either real time analyser or broadband measurements for one of the virtual sound level meters. Use high speed USB or removable SD memory to transfer data from your sound level meter to your computer for further analysis.

Handheld Sound level Meter:

The Sound Detector SD-200 is an entry-level sound level meter that is designed for the measurement of workplace noise levels. Its intuitive design makes it easy for users to measure sound levels and help determine the degree of hearing protection required.

Basic Sound Level meter:

SoundPatrol DP 1200 (Class 1) and SoundPatrol DP 2200 (Class 2) integrating impulse sound level meters with digital printing capabilities were created especially for Noise Ordinace Enforcement. Both noise level meters are rugged, high-quality devices meeting all the applicable accuracy and performance requirements for sound level meters as defined by ANSI S1.4 and S1.43, IEC 61672, 651 and 804.

Noise Dosimeter:

Portable Noise Dosimeter:

If you need advanced statistical analysis of your noise exposure data and Type 1 accuracy then the high performance NoisePro DLX-1 is your noise dosimeter. This Type 1 noise dosimeter logs Lavg/Leq, FastMax, SlowMax, FastMin, SlowMin, Fast Ceiling Count, Slow Ceiling Count and Lpeak at intervals from 1 second up to 1hour.

It includes (4) virtual noise dosimeters to measure (4) separate noise standards. An impressive 128 x 64 pixel backlit LCD display and intelligent user interface provide easy access to data and setup information. Options include a vibrating alarm and boom microphone.

All NoisePro noise dosimeters are compatible with QuestSuite Professional Software for advanced reporting and record keeping, a virtual docking station, calibration management and more.

Handheld Personal Noise Dosimeter:

The Edge eg5 model is a cable-free personal noise dosimeter with Intrinsic Safety approvals from MSHA, SIRA (ATEX), CSA (US and Canada), and Simtars (IECEx) for use in potentially hazardous environments such as mines, petrochemical sites, and manufacturing facilities. The Edge eg5 noise dosimeter offers users a lighter, more ergonomic method to monitor noise levels with its compact contoured design, advanced feature set and intrinsic safety certification.

Lux Meter:

Main Features:

  • Compact and rugged design
  • Widest range to 40,000Fc/ 400,000Lux is ideal for outdoor applications
  • Large display with bargraph, Relative function for zero or difference from reference value
  • Peak function captures short light pulse, Data Hold and Min/Max readings
  • Auto power off, Zero function

Heat stress Monitors:

It is a rugged, easy to use, datalogging Thermal Environment Monitor. Output recorded data directly to a serial printer or download to QuestSuite Professional software, "The System Solution" for storage, retrieval, analysis, reporting, and charting of all your heat stress monitoring data.

Audio Meter:

Digital Audio meter for screening & checking auditory function.

Main features:

  • Class IV tonal audiometer
  • 11 frequencies: 125 Hz - 8000 Hz
  • Large choice of headset
  • Compact and lightweight
  • MVA: Multilingual Vocal Assistance

Vibration Meter:

The VI-410 is an advanced hand-held real time vibration analyzer. It can simultaneously monitor up to four input channels with each channel including 1/1 or 1/3 real-time octave band data.

Three of the channels are typically used for tri-axial vibration measurements. The bonus fourth channel can simultaneously analyze either sound or an additional single axis of vibration using additional optional transducers.

With 32MB of Internal Memory, it logs over 2 Weeks of 1-Second RMS/MAX/MIN/Peak results.

To easily configure the VI-410 and to thoroughly analyze your data, it is fully integrated with QuestSuite® Professional II "The System Solution" Software Application.

Alcohol breath tester:

The breath alcohol tester is packed with features other alcohol testers can't match. Using a proprietary electrochemical sensor (fuel cell), it provides highly accurate alcohol test results in seconds and allows you to store them in its built-in memory. It is fully compatible with the optional portable printer.